Gelding, 2014, chestnut

Concord Gelding 2014 Home Pic 1

sold to USA

Concord Pic Professional (1)Concord Pic Professional (3)

Queue Jump v Quinar x Caruso
Gelding, 2012, bay

Quido Gelding 2012 by Quinar Hunter for sale Pic 1

sold to United States

Quido Home Pic Final Hunter for sale 1 (1)Quido Home Pic Final Hunter for sale 1 (2)

Berlin x Burggraaf x Ramiro Z
Gelding, 2013, grey


sold to USA

Verdi x Landprinz
Gelding, 2011, bay

Quinten successful in Calofrnia sodl by European Sporthorses

sold to California/ USA

Quinten successful in Calofrnia


Gelding, 2014,

Ray arrived in the US (2)

sold to USA

Gelding, 2014,

Zidane winning in California

sold to California/ USA

Zidane successful in Calfornia

Kalaska de Semilly x Clooney x Damiro
Mare, 2012, bay

Kesh Kentucky 062019

sold to USA

Kesh Hunter for sale Pic 1Kesh Mare 2012 by Kalaska de Semily Hunter for sale Pic Kentucky 1Kesh Mare 2012 by Kalaska de Semily Hunter for sale Pic Kentucky 2Kesh Mare 2012 by Kalaska de Semily Hunter for sale Pic Kentucky 3

Azteka VDL x Grandeur
Gelding, 2011, black

Amaro Gelding 2011 Hunter Sold by European Sporthorses (2)

sold to United States

Amaro Gelding 2011 Hunter Sold by European Sporthorses (1)

Zeltkalis x Großadmiral
Gelding, 2011, chestnut

Caledonia Champion in St. Louis

sold to United States

Champion 3'3 Hunters St. Louis/ National Equestrian Center

Caledonia Sold by European Sporthorses (1).JPGCaledonia Sold by European Sporthorses (2).JPG

Gelding, 2010, bay

Lewis Hunter for sale Pic 2

sold to United States

Lewis Hunter for sale Pic 1

Gelding, 2012, bay

Hudson Gelding 2012 by Lysander

sold to United States

Hudson Hunter for sale Pic 2Lysander Sold by European Sporthorses Michael Mildner

Padinus x Voltaire
Gelding, 2006, bay

Vakker Equitation horse for sale Pic 1

sold to United States

Winner several Medal Classes

International hunter derby


Vakker-Equitation-Horse-Sold-by-European-SporthorsesVakker Gelding 2006 Equitation horse for sale Pic 2017  (1)Vakker Gelding 2006 Equitation horse for sale Pic 2017  (2)

Gelding, 2013, bay

Lermidor Gelding 2013 Equitation horse for sale (2).JPG

sold to Canada

Lermidor Gelding 2013 Jump

Sam R x Guidam
Gelding, 2007, bay


sold to United States

Collin-Sold-by-European-SporthorsesCollin Gelding 2007 by Sam R Pic 1 (1)Collin Gelding 2007 by Sam R Pic 1 (2)Collin Gelding 2007 by Sam R Pic 3

Gelding, 2012, dark bay


sold to United States

Loremur Champion hunters sold by European SporthorsesLoremur Reserve Champion St. LouisLoremur Winner Performance Hunter OcalaSL47-19-034-OgleSL62-19-019-OgleSL62-19-036-Ogle

Gelding, 2010, black

Kipras Hunter for sale Pic 3

sold to United States

2017: St. Louis Horse show: Winner 3'3' Hunters

2017: St. Louis Horse show: Hack winner 3'3 Hunter Division

2016: St. Louis Horse show: Winner 3' Pre Green Hunter

2016: St. Louis Horse show: Winner 3' Pre Green Hunter Hack


hack winner....

Rodan Hunter Home Pic 1Rodan St Louis Pic (1)Rodan St Louis Pic (2)

Opal x Premium
Gelding, 2011, chestnut

Olympos Horse sold by European Sporthorses

sold to United States

Gelding, 2010, bay


sold to United States

Gindins Gelding 2010 Hunter for sale Pic 1Gindins Gelding 2010 Hunter for sale Pic 2

Indoctro x Marlon
Gelding, 2005, bay

Agano Jumper sold by European Sporthorses

sold to United States


Gelding, 2009, bay

Meru Winner in Thermal sold by European Sporthorses

sold to United States

Apoleon x Corrado x Quick Star
Gelding, 2010, chestnut

Oboras Andre erfolgreich in Amerika Pic 1.JPG

sold to United States

great character, auto lead changes.... very nice relaible amateur owner friendly jumper and hunter prospect...

Andre-sucessful-with-AnnikaClinic KM Equestrian Austria Pic (18).JPGClinic KM Equestrian Austria Pic (28).JPG

Arko III x Tinkas Boy
Gelding, 2012, bay

Tinkas Boy winner 33 hunters

sold to United States

Great Equitation prospect.... Auto lead changes, lot of scope, very nice character....

Tinkas-Boy-Gelding-2012-by-Arco-x-Tinkas-Boy-Equitation-horse-for-sale-Pic-1Tinkas Boy Gelding 2012 St. Louis Horse Show Pic 1Tinkas Boy Hunter Sold by European Sporthorses Pic 1

Solitaire x Jetset x Burggraaf
Gelding, 2004, bay


sold to United States

Many winnings and placings up to 145cm classes, very relaibale and easy to ride, excellent character, 

7th place 25.000$ Grand Prix @ Blenheim June Classic 2014



Caproni (Cor de la Bryere) x Ladinos x Rigoletto
Gelding, 2004, bay

Capricello placed in Medal classes in St.Louis

sold to United States

March 2016, St. Louis: 3nd place Washington Equitation Medal

March 2016, St. Louis Horse show: 2nd place Maclay Equitation Medal

March 2016, St. Louis Horse show: 2nd Junior Hunters 3'6''

Feb 2016, St. Louis Horse show: 2nd place Washington

Feb 2016, St. Louis Horse show:: 3rd place Maclay

Capricello Equitation Horse for sale Pic 1Gelding 2004 Equitation Horse for sale Pic ST2 1Gelding 2004 Equitation Horse for sale Pic ST2 2

Cassin x Carlos DZ x Barnaul
Gelding, 2011, bay

Easton Hunter St Louis Pic

sold to United States

Easton Hunter St Louis Pic 2

Indorado x Nelson Z x Padarco
Mare, 2008, grey


sold to United States

Top Jumper prospect, super technique, careful and scopy, excellent Junior horse... Amateur Owner friendly...

DSC 6430.JPGImage-Valerie-Z-Mare-2008-by-Indorado-Jumper-for-sale-Lamplight-Pic-3Image-Valerie-Z-Mare-2008-by-Indorado-Jumper-for-sale-Pic-KY3Mare-by-Indorado-2008-KY-Jumper-Hunter-for-sale-Pic-1

Firstgraaf x Jumper
Gelding, 2008, grey

Isle of Wight sold to Castlewood Farm

sold to United States

Stunning large framed Equtation horse/ Amateur owner friendly jumper

Cent x Griseldi x Quick Star
Gelding, 2008, bay

Split Hunter for sale Equitation horse for sale Kentucky 2019

sold to USA

-top ten 3’3” large junior hunter finals
-hunterdon cup finalist
- USHJA Jump Seat Medal Finalist
-$10,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby winner
-top 25 NHS finals in kentucky

Oboras Split successful in California.jpgSplit Hunter for sale Equitation horse for sale 1 (1)Split Hunter for sale Equitation horse for sale 1 (2)Split Thermal HuntersSplit Thermal Hunters 2Split Winner Junior hunter Del mar hunter sold by European Sporthorses

Gelding, 2009, dark bay


sold to USA

great amateur jumper of Equitation horse, scope, very easy and reliable.... 

Domingo Winner Hunter

Gelding, 2008, grey


sold to United States

Giant Steps Charity Horse show/ California: 6th place $10.000.- International Hunter Derby 

Santa Barbara National/ California: Champion Modified Working Hunters

Santa Barbara National/ California: 3rd $3.000 National Hunter Derby

GSWEC Winter Series Katy TX: 7th place 10.000usd International Hunter Derby

GSWEC Winter Series Katy TX: 3rd Hack in 1st years

GSWEC Winter Series Katy TX: 4th in 1st years green hunters 

Texas Horse Park, Tyler TX: 2nd place Pre Green Super Stake 

Texas Horse Park, Tyler TX: 2nd place Pre Green Incentive 

DaVinci-Gelding-2008-by-Zurich-Hunter-For-Sale-Picture-1DaVinci-Gelding-2008-by-Zurich-Hunter-For-Sale-Picture-3DaVinvci Hunter For sale Hope Glynn Michael Mildner V2

Zento x Concorde
Gelding, 2009, bay

Eclipse Hunter Jumper sold by European Sporthorses

sold to United States


Gelding, 2001, black

Fritz Hunter For sale Pic 1

sold to USA

Perfect schoolmaster, did hunter derbies, Equitation and Jumper classes, Auto Lead changes, very safe and reliable....

Fritz Hunter For sale Pic 2

Armor x Voltaire
Gelding, 2006, chestnut


sold to USA

Apoleon (Quidam de Revel) x Griseldi (Grosso Z)
Gelding, 2009, grey


sold to United States

Athos Gelding 2009 succesful in Texas

Gelding, 2007, dark bay


sold to United States

Montender x Indoctro
Gelding, 2007, dark bay


sold to United States

Gelding, 2008, dark bay

Lorton Hunter for sale Competition Pic 1

sold to United States

very good character, auto lead changes....

Lorton Hunter for sale Competition Pic 1

Veron x Jumpilot x Odermus
Gelding, 2009, grey


sold to United States

Just started in the show ring, large canter, very nice mover, super lead changes...

Eurocommerce Zürich
Gelding, 2008, grey

Detroit Hunter sold European Sporthorses

sold to United States

Great Southwest Winter Series II 2014: 3rd place USHJA International Hunter Derby 

Great Southwest Winter Series IV 2014: Winner USHJA International Hunter Derby 4'0''

Pin Oak Charity 2014: 13th in $30.000.- USHJA International Hunter Derby


Detroit-Hunter-for-sale-Houston-USA-Pic2Detroit-Hunter-sold-to-USALiza and Detroit Hunter for sale Pic (1)

Centuryo x Liberato H
Gelding, 2009, grey


sold to United States

excellent character, big canter, scope....


Gelding, 2007, bay


sold to United States


Radisson x Amaretto x Farn
Gelding, 2004, grey


sold to United States

Amateur Owner friendly, very reliable jumper, automatic lead changes, good mover...
Waco, TX: Winner 3'6'' First Year Green Hunters (after being only two weeks in the USA)


Liza Zybon Katy 1Zybon-Gelding-2004-Hunter-for-sale-KY-Pic-5Zybon-Gelding-2004-Hunter-for-sale-KY-Pic1Zybon-Gelding-2004-Hunter-for-sale-KY-Pic 2Zybon-Gelding-2004-Hunter-for-sale-KY-Pic2

Stakkato x Conterno Grande x Calypso
Gelding, 2007, bay

Carlos successful in California Pic 4

sold to United States

Carlos successful in California Pic 1Conte-Jumper-Pic-1

Cardento x Lupicor
Gelding, 2009, grey


sold to Australia

Clinic Pic (14).JPGClinic Pic (24).JPG

Indoctro x Nobility
Gelding, 2004, chestnut


sold to United States

Easy to ride, scopy gelding, Amateur Owner friendly, very good balance, Auto lead changes...

Zenden-Jumper-for-sale-Pic-1Zenden successfulZendon-Gelding-Sold-by-European-Sporthorses-Pic-1

Namelus x Blanc Rivage
Gelding, 2005, bay


sold to United States

Powerful jumper with all the scope, excellent character....

Showpark, Del Mar, CA: 3rd place in 135cm jumpers


Odermus x Nabuur x Nimmerdor
Gelding, 2004, grey


sold to United States

Gelding, 2005, bay


sold to United States

Del Mar International Horse Show, California 2013: 2nd place in Adult Amateur Jumpers

National Preview, California 2013: Winner Low Adult Jumpers

Los Angeles National Horse Show, California 2013: Winner $2.500.- Adult Amateur Classic


Gelding, 2006, grey


sold to United States

Kentucky Summer Horse Show 2013: Winner 130cm 7/8 Years Old Jumper

Tangelo vd Zuithoeve x Marlon
Mare, 2008, bay


sold to Canada

Big stride, a fantastic jump, lot of scope, auto lead change.....

Winner Low Working Hunters Under saddle in Showpark, Ranch& Coast Classic

6th in Pre Green Super Stake in Katy, TX at the GSEC Week 3

4th in the Pre Green Super Stake in Katy, TX at the GSEC Week 4

5th in the Pre Green Super Stake in Tyler, TX,

6th in the USHJA Pre Green in Tyler, TX


Berlin x Daageraad
Mare, 2004, bay

Zuara Caitlin Ziegler Successful in Wellington

sold to Belgium

Successful with Caitlin Ziegler/ Artisan Farms LLC in WEF 2014


Lupicor x Gabor x Saluut
Gelding, 2004, bay


sold to United States

Amateur friendly, easy to ride jumper, Equitation horse, very reliable and safe, easy lead changes, winnings and many placings up to 140cm classes...


Eurocommerce Westham x Oklund
Gelding, 2007, bay


sold to United States

Cant stop is a very well minded, easy to ride young jumper, excellent balanced, Amateur Owner friendly... a very nice Junior horse...


V. Alba R x Alme Crack Z x Lakai
Gelding, 2009, grey


sold to United States

Gelding, 2008, black

Graffiti Hunter Sold by European Sporthorses

sold to United States

Big Equitation Prospect, excellent canter, super balance, very good jump with an exceptional front end, very good character horse and very flashy to look at...

Graffiti is sold to Lisa Williams:
"After several months of looking for a horse for Ava that can do the 3'6" equitation/hunter/jumper divisions, , Ava has a new ride - Graffiti, a 5 year old warmblood and grandson of the great jumper, Voltaire. Just fresh off the plane from Germany, Graffiti is quiet and sweet - the perfect temperament for a Children's horse. Special thanks to Michael Mildner of European Sporthorses for making Ava's dreams come true. They are going to have many years to bond and develop together as a team!"

Graf-Gelding-2008-Hunter-for-sale-Pic-1Graf Equitation horse sold to Lisa Williams Arizona Pic 1Graffiti Sold to USA by Michael Mildner Pic (1)

Tjungske x Jokinal de Bornival x Rigoletto
Gelding, 2007, grey


sold to Germany

CSI*** Arena Nova, AUT: 2nd place in young horses final 130cm for the 6 and 7 years old horses

CSI** Wr. Neustadt, AUT: 2nd place Young horses final double clear 130cm/135cm



Cassini x Concorde
Gelding, 2006, grey


sold to United States

Shows by the Bay III 2013 Winner ASPAC Maclay 3'6'' Equitation 


Vittorio x Concorde
Gelding, 2008, dark bay


sold to United States

Show Jumping Classic 2013, Tyler, TX: Winner and 2nd place in Children Hunter class
Show Jumping Classic 2013, Tyler, TX: Champion in Children Hunter Division


Indorado x Daimler
Gelding, 2000, grey


sold to United States

HITS Thermal 2013, California: 4th place Medium Amateur Owner Jumpers 130cm
Blenheim Spring Classic 2013, California: 3rd  in 135cm Jumpers
Flintridge Horse Show 2013, California: 3rd in the 140cm High Amateur Owner Jumpers

437034256388223 30529864 oSunshine-Sold-by-European-Sporthorses-2

Balou du Rouet x Concorde x Jimtown
Gelding, 2007, chestnut


sold to United States

scope, careful, auto lead change, excellent balance, amazing jump....Easy and sweet temperament...a future star in big hunter classes and hunter derbies...
Texas Rose Horse Park, Tyler, Texas, 2012: Winner of pre green hunter class
Blue Ribbon Summer Festival, Waco, Texas, 2012: Winner and 2x 2nd in pre green hunter class. Reserve champion in the 3- foot pre green division
Estes Park Hunter/ Jumper Festival, Colorado:3rd and 4th in the pre green hunter / jumped his first hunter derby
Katy, Texas, Great South West Equestrian Center: Winner and 2nd in the 3'3" pre greens...
2nd place in the 2,500$ 3'3" Pre- Green Super Stake


Indoctro x Indorado
Gelding, 2004, dark bay


sold to United States

Very brave and easy to ride jumper, lot of scope and a perfect character, Amateur owner friendly...


Palladium x Casanova x Cor de La Bryere
Gelding, 2006, chestnut


sold to United States

Champion in the Green Working Hunters with Shelley Campf/ OZ Farms Inc and Reserve Champion in the Children’s Hunters 13 & Under with owner Katherine Dash.

The talented young gelding is also qualified for the WCHR Children’s Finals with his owner Katherine Dash after winning the Northwest Regional Championships.

May 9th Press release Phelpssports.com: Puppet winner of 2nd year green hunter in Championship in Kentucky

Powerpoint-Hunter-Thermal-USA2Powerpoint-Hunter-Thermal-USA3Powerpoint and Katherine Dash HITS Thermal - FinalPuppet Hunter Sold by European Sporthorses Pic1Puppet Hunter Sold by European Sporthorses Pic2

Verdi x Omnistar x Concorde
Gelding, 2006, bay

BigStar Pic 1

sold to United States

Exceptional jumper, careful, endless scope and a very good character.
The Kentucky National 2012, Kentucky: 3rd place in the 6 year old young jumpers
Atlanta Fall Classic 2012, Georgia: Winner of the 120cm Young Jumper
WEF 2013, Florida: Winner 7 year old young Jumper Championship
WEF 2013, Flordia: Winner of the $ 1.500 Adequan 7 year old class

BigStar Pic 2BigStar Pic 3

Gelding, 2004, grey

All Risk in Kentucky

sold to United States

Placed in Jumper classes up to 135cm, easy to ride, beautiful gelding with a lot of jumping power and excellent dressage education.
6th in the Pessoa USEF Hunter Seat Medal, WEF 2013, Florida, USA
5th in the ASPCA Maclay 3'6'' in WEF, Florida, USA

Calibro x Colibri
Mare, 2006, bay


sold to United States

Keiko is a sweet and extremely beautiful mare with excellent jumping technique. She is an excellent mover an very easy to handle. One out of a million character! Super sweet and quiet.


Carthino Z x Ramiro Z
Gelding, 2007, dark bay


sold to United States

...very good balance, auto lead changes, lot of mileage in age classes, very straight forward, one of a kind character...


Grand Libero x Calando IV x Cicero
Gelding, 2006, bay

Groks Hunter for sale Pic 1

sold to United States

Showing 2nd Year Green and Large Junior... 


Groks, Gelding, 2006, by Libero H Pic1Groks, Gelding, 2006, by Libero H Pic2Groks Hunter for sale Pic 2

Grisieldi x Great Pleasure x Grannus
Gelding, 2005, chestnut

Liza and Gilbert 2

sold to United States

Showing 2nd year green 3' 

Gilbert-Hunter-Sold-to-USA-Pic2Gilbert-Hunter-Sold-to-USAGilbert and ArronGilbertandKelli.JPGLiza and GilbertLiza and Gilbert 2

Lancer II x Corrado I x Caletto I
Gelding, 2003, grey


sold to Italy


Russel x Frühlingsball x Romadour II
Gelding, 2005, grey


sold to Italy

Lifestar x Challanger
Gelding, 2001, bay


sold to United States

Quick and competitive as well as very brave and reliable... the perfect Junior Jumper, absolutely Amateur Owner friendly...


Caruso x Capitol I x Landgraf I
Mare, 2004, grey

Milky Way Jumper sold to USA

sold to Spain

Very easy to ride, super jumping technique, very competitive, has won classes up to 140cm, Amateur Owner friendly, Top- Pedigree

Toulon x Capital x Ferdigano
Gelding, 2005, bay


sold to Austria

Winning Mood x Now or Never x Argentinus
Gelding, 2006, grey


sold to United States

Chippendale Z x Don Gilbert x Inschallah X
Gelding, 2007, grey


sold to United States

Very well balanced and nice to rider jumper prospect... auto lead changes, scope and excellent technic create a very interesting youngster...

Ginus x Alexis Z x Abgar
Gelding, 2006, chestnut

Balexus Jumper Sold to Itlay

sold to Italy

Guidarc x Baloubet du Rouet x Grandeur
Mare, 2006, bay


sold to Austria

A beautiful mare, excellent character and rideabilty, powerful jumps and endless scope creating a future Grand Prix horse...

Cardento x Orlando
Mare, 2004, grey

Cardenta Sport Horse for sale.JPG

sold to Canada

Sweet and beautiful mare with excellent jumping technique and super pedigree. Easy to handle. Fantastic allround horse with a wonderful mind and bombproof temper, suitable for amateur rider...